The history

Fe Zandi’s history, between passion & legacy
Winner of 2008 Crystal Style Award
Iranian-born designer, Fe Zandi is unique among couturiers in America for her uncompromising approach to glamour.

Fe showed her love for fashion at early childhood, insisting on designing her own clothes with very strong ideals. She pursued her vision, graduating from the Paris Academy of Fashion Design in London. At age 19, Fe landed her first job at Sadler Wells theater, where she created dramatic costumes for the performers. Her talents were soon discovered, leading to apprenticeships to Parisian designers such as Jean Patou and Pierre Balmain. Upon return to her native country at age 21; Fe Zandi introduced her newly infused creations with a twist from the hottest of London and Paris fashions at her first fashion show at the Hilton Hotel. Among the audience were members of the prestigious elite, including Madame Diba, Empress Farah Diba’s mother, who introduced Fe Zandi’s creations to the empress. At such a young age, Fe was going to the palace to dress the queen; brave and defiant. “Looking back, I wonder where I got the nerve!”

Modest words from a powerful woman who opened the doors of her first fashion salon on Canon Dr. In Beverly Hills in 1988. That same year, she took her glamorous collection to the River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas, where she gained notoriety among the elite women of society. The Houston Chronicle wrote, “Fe Zandi is the first designer, after more than 400 shows in Texas, to receive a standing ovation from very-hard-to-please-Texans.” Fe brought home many awards from the infamous Texan best -dressed list.

“As I have done throughout my career, we emphasize on the highest quality fabrics with custom tailored service.  Being that we control all aspects of the business, from design to production to sales, we eliminate the middlemen and ensure competitive prices,” says Fe Zandi.

In 2004, she opened her prestigious boutique on El Paseo in Palm Desert, CA ; where she bedazzled her exclusive clientele of powerful and sophisticated women for decades; including clients like Lee Annenberg, Nancy Sinatra, Phyllis Washington … to name a few.

Fe has consistently produced two major collections a year of seventy-five pieces per season. Her clients have faithfully followed her work, allowing her to continuously strive. Her Parisian essence with a passion for handmade embroidered details has become her staple signature.